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Flat Rate Shipping by the DotStore is a WooCommerce plugin used for increasing sales by simplifying shipping method.

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What is Flat Rate Shipping Plugin For WooCommerce?

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The Flat Rate Shipping plugin for WooCommerce store helps you to drive sales & maximize revenue by simplifying shipping rates.

This plugin offers multiple pricing rules that you can set, such as you can charge per order, per item, or based on cart weight, subtotal, and quantity flat rate shipping, tailoring all shipping fees to your unique business needs. It also helps to improve checkout speed and accuracy, leading to higher customer satisfaction and better sales.

Flat rate shipping plugin by Dotstore also allows you to create shipping methods for specific products, categories, tags, user roles, and countries and define different shipping rates for different geographical regions. Free shipping options are also available based on order value, cart subtotal, or specific products.

Key Features of Flat Rate Shipping Plugin

Here are some key features of the Flat Rate Shipping Plugin you may  need to know:

  • Advanced Rule-Based Shipping
  • Unlimited Shipping Zones with custom rules
  • Flexible Pricing Options
  • Set Location-Based Shipping Rates

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin Coupons, Discounts, and Pricing Plan

$129/yr. $299/yr. $349/yr.
1 Site
Great for Website Owners with a single WooCommerce Store
5 Sites
Great for businesses with multi-site installations or multiple stores
30 Sites
Great for agencies or WooCommerce website developers

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin Discounts:

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For Whom Your Product Is Built For?

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin is made for WooCommerce Store Owners who want to simplify shipping for their customers and need more options to set the rules for shipping.

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin Integrations

  •  Vendor-Based Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping Plugin Alternatives

Here are some alternatives for Flat Rate Shipping Plugin:

  • Table Rate Shipping
  • Real-Time Carrier Rates
  • Inventory management and fulfillment
  • ELEX WooCommerce USPS Shipping Plugin
  • WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping Plugin

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