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What is PeepSo?

PeepSo is a WordPress social networking plugin that allows you to easily create an online community or social network. PeepSo has served 6000+ communities, and it is rapidly growing.

You can view PeepSo Coupons, Discounts, and Pricing Plans below.

PeepSo, with its easy-to-use interface and rich feature set, makes it one of the best social networking plugins. PeepSo is lightweight and so strong that you can create social networking on your website in just a few seconds.

If you want to connect your customers, build a community, or enhance your team collaboration effectively, PeepSo is the perfect solution.

Key Features of PeepSo 

PeepSo has many features, making it the best choice for its 6000+ users. Some of the key features of PeepSo are listed below.

  • User Profiles
  • Custom Profile fields
  • Activity Stream
  • User Hover Card
  • Hashtags
  • Blog posts
  • Markdown for formatting text
  • Polls
  • Word Filter
  • Giphy integration
  • Live On-site and Email Notifications
  • Widgets
  • Members listing
  • Security
  • Ban Hammer
  • RTL support
  • White Label
  • Exit Gateway for URLs
  • Groups
  • Chats
  • Friends
  • Multimedia
  • Mobile App Integration with MobiLoud
  • Paid Accounts & Access Control
  • Ads & Classifieds

Along with plentiful features, PeepSo also integrates with other popular WordPress plugins to extend its functionality.

  • Paid Memberships Pro Integration
  • WPAdverts Integration
  • LearnDash and TutorLMS Integration for E-Learning
  • WooCommerce, Dokan, and Product Vendors Integration
  • GiveWP Integration
  • Almighty Support Integration
  • WP Job Manager Integration
  • IdeaPush Integration
  • Social Login & Invitations
  • WP Event Manager Integration
  • BadgeOS Integration
  • myCRED Integration
  • Email Digest
  • Gecko Theme

PeepSo Coupon, Discount and Pricing Plans 

PeepSo is a freemium plugin, which means the basic plan with basic features is free to use, and there are more premium plans with advanced features.

Free Paid
$0 $199 for a single site, $249 for 5 sites, $399 for 10 sites, $499 for 20 sites, and $999 for 50 sites yearly
User Profiles
Activity Stream
Email & Notifications
Gecko Theme
It includes all the basic features and themes and additionally includes :

1 year of updates
1 year access to downloads
1 year of 24/7 Priority Technical Support
Early Access Program

Does PeepSo offer Lifetime plans

There are no lifetime plans on offer by PeepSo. However, PeepSo Ultimate Bundle also has 5 years license, $599 for 5 sites, $899 for 10 sites, $1199 for 20 sites, $1799 for 50 sites, and $2399  for 100 sites.

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Who is PeepSo for?

PeepSo can be used by anyone who uses WordPress and wants to create social networking, community, and online business for their website. PeepSo is widely used for creating e-learning, e-commerce, paid membership communities, online marketplaces, online communities, and job boards.

Peepso - Create Social Network using WordPress

PeepSo alternatives

There are many social networking plugins on WordPress. Some of the best alternate social networking plugins for PeepSo are mentioned below.

  • BuddyPress
  • Scenes
  • MemberPress
  • Community builder
  • Easy Social
  • Ning

We’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions on PeepSo. Share your experiences and insights in the comments below.