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WP Fix It is the best WordPress 24/7 emergency support and have variety of services including website maintenance, security, and optimization.

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What is WP Fix It?

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If you have any issues with your WordPress website, you no longer have to worry because WP Fix It can help you resolve them. WP Fix It is a WordPress Agency that primarily provides 24/7 support for all kinds of WordPress issues with an average response time of 30 minutes. 

This company has been fixing WordPress issues since 2009 and has fixed more than 58,000 WordPress issues for their customers. They provide 24/7 online support so anyone can seek immediate solutions to run their website smoothly.

WP Fix It Coupon, Pricing and Top Services

WP Fix It provides various services to address WordPress issues of varying nature and complexity. This makes WP Fix It one of the best choices for WordPress support. Some of the best services that WP Fix It provides are:

  • Emergency Help: If anything on your website is broken, you can contact their 24/7 online support to help you fix your website.

Pricing: $47 one-time payment for one bug fix. They never charge more than this to fix your website.

  • Infection removal: This service will remove all the traces of infection you are experiencing on your website.

Pricing: Scans are free, and to remove infections from a single site, the cost is $137 once, and for multiple websites, $97 /per site.

  • Security Monitoring: WP Fix It provides security service, too. They call it “Gaurd Dog” which blocks 99.8% of real-time attacks.

Pricing: $12 /month

  • Site care plans: They have the best expert team who ensures your WordPress website stays healthy and well-maintained

Pricing: $27 /month per site, $264 /yearly

  • Hosting and support: They have their hosting service that ensures your website is running Fast and Secure and have 24/7 support to help you out.


Monthly plans: Super Hosting for $47/ month, Private Hosting for $175/ month 

Yearly plans: Super Hosting for $444/ year, Private Hosting for $1860/ year.

  • Speed Optimization: With this service, the WP Fix It team will repair all website speed issues to make your website extremely fast.

Pricing: $157 one-time cost

  • Website Migration: Their team will manage migrating your WordPress website from one location to another without downtime. 

Pricing: $57 /month

  • Website Tune-Up: This service ensures that everything on your website is updated and working perfectly.

Pricing: $57 /month

  • Hire an Expert: This service provides you with a single individual agent with whom you can submit your tasks and connect live.

Pricing: $49 /hour or minimum 5 hours,$245 for 5 hours

  • Any other help: All other website-related tasks can be submitted through this service. You get a personal agent to fix the issues on your website.

Pricing: varies on your project, minimum $50

WP Fix It Discounts

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Alternates of WP Fix It

There are WordPress agencies similar to WP Fix It. Here are some of the best alternatives to WP Fix It.

  • Work Hero
  • Zen WP
  • Access WP
  • WPRiders
  • FixRunner

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