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GreenGeeks is a fast reliable and eco-friendly web hosting provider, using high-performance servers that are particularly configured to handle web traffic.

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What is the GreenGeeks?

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GreenGeeks is a fast reliable and eco-friendly web hosting provider. They plant trees for each hosting account they provision. GreenGeeks is the world’s most popular eco-friendly web hosting provider, that generates power through renewable energy and supplies it back to the grid.

They offer shared, dedicated, WordPress hosting, and reseller web hosting plans. All of their plans store the website data on the fast SSD hard drives providing faster loading times for the website and databases.  

GreenGeeks uses high-performance servers that are particularly configured to handle web traffic and database operations efficiently and can store and read data very quickly. They use LiteSpeed caching technology which enhances websites’s speed, reduces server resource usage, and improves search visibility of websites hosted on their hosting.

It utilizes the latest network protocol HTTP3 that enhances loading times and encrypts the data transmitted between the browser and server, protecting sensitive information. They provide faster web serving as they use Cloudflare-powered CDN which serves the content from the server closest to the visitors giving it an edge over other hosting providers.

Key Features of GreenGeeks 

Here are some key features of the GreenGeeks that you should know:

  • SSD Hard Drives: Stores web files and databases on RAID-10 storage array configured SSD hard drives keeping data secure.
  • LiteSpeed & MariaDB: Uses faster servers to improve serving speeds.
  • LiteSpeed’s caching: Utilizes LiteSpeed caching to serve webpages faster and more efficiently.
  • Free CDN: Uses Cloudflare-powered CDN which allows caching of content and serving it from the closest servers.
  • HTTP3 Enabled: Utilizes the latest network protocol encrypting data and protecting sensitive information.
  • PHP 8 Enabled: It is PHP8 enabled giving faster PHP executions.

GreenGeeks Coupon, Discounts, and Pricing Plan

GreenGeeks offers a straightforward pricing plan and guarantees that there are no hidden fees or surprises.

(One Website)
(Unlimited Websites)
(Unlimited Websites)
Starting from $11.95/month Starting from $16.95/month Starting from $26.95/month
Standard performance
50GB web space
Unmetered transfer
50 e-mail accounts
Free WordPress install
Free WordPress migrationAuto WordPress updates
Free SSL certificate
Free domain name for 1st year
Free backup
Free CDN
WP-CLI & SSH access
Built-in caching
Unlimited databases
300% green energy match
1 tree planted
30-day money-back guarantee
Multi-user access
All the lite features
Better Performance
Unlimited web space
Unlimited e-mail accounts
On-demand backups
WordPress repair tool
All the pro features
Best Performance
Free Dedicated IP Free Alpha
SSL Object Caching 

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There are no lifetime deals available for GreenGeeks.

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