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8 Top Newsletters to Subscribe to for WordPress News 2024

top newsletters to subscribe to for wordpress news

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Whether you are a pro-WordPress developer, a WordPress user, or just a WordPress enthusiast, it is essential to remain up to date about what’s going on within the WordPress community and ecosystem. Below, we have discussed some Top Newsletters to Subscribe to for WordPress News.

WordPress Newsletters help you get a quick glimpse into the WordPress market and keep you updated about the latest and upcoming updates, events, and trends. Many dedicated WordPress websites usually publish weekly or bi-weekly newsletters to provide their readers with important news and help their community be more informed about WordPress-related news, tips, tutorials, events and gossip. 

Newsletters are a vital source of information for anyone who wants to be on the top of the WordPress market. 

Benefits of WordPress Newsletter

Here are some of the benefits of reading WordPress Newsletters. 

  • WordPress Updates: Newsletters often include information about the latest updates and releases in the WordPress ecosystem. This can cover new features, security patches, and improvements in the WordPress core.
  • Theme and Plugin Updates: Users of WordPress newsletters may receive updates on new themes and plugins. This includes announcements about releases, updates, and recommendations for tools to enhance their website’s functionality.
  • Tutorials and How-Tos: Many newsletters provide step-by-step tutorials and guides on using WordPress effectively. This can range from essential tips for beginners to advanced techniques.
  • Industry News: Newsletters curate and share relevant news and trends within the broader web development, digital marketing, and online business industries. This keeps subscribers informed about the latest happenings that could impact their websites.
  • Content Highlights: Websites often use newsletters to showcase their latest blog posts, articles, or multimedia content.¬†
  • Event Announcements: Newsletters are a great way to be informed about upcoming events, webinars, conferences, or workshops related to WordPress, web development, or the specific niche of the website.
  • Exclusive Offers and Discounts: Businesses and online stores often include exclusive offers, promotions, or discounts in their newsletters.
  • User Testimonials and Success Stories: Sharing user testimonials and success stories can build trust and credibility.
  • Community Highlights: For websites with an active community, newsletters can highlight community members, achievements, or notable contributions.¬†
  • Tips for Website Optimization: Practical tips for optimizing websites, improving performance, and enhancing user experience are common content elements in WordPress newsletters.

Here are some of the Top Newsletters to Subscribe to for WordPress News for their readers. The sequence of the list in no way represents any ranking, all the newsletters recommended in this list are uniquely valuable.

  1. WPfounders 
  2. The WP Weekly
  3. The WP Minute
  4. The Repository
  5. WP Content.co
  6. Woo Weekly 
  7. Post Status 
  8. Wpmail.me 
WPfounders The WP Minute The WP Weekly The Repository WP Content.coWoo Weekly PostStatusWPmail.me
Bi-weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly Weekly 
Wednesday Saturday Monday Friday Tuesday WednesdayThursdayMonday

1. WPfounders

WPfounders is a unique WordPress blog where founders of WordPress products and companies share their stories and experiences. Their stories serve to inspire many WordPress users around the globe and attract a newer generation of WordPress entrepreneurs towards WordPress. You can learn about many great stories regarding their journey and hustle toward success.

WPfounders also publishes their newsletter bi-weekly, which includes WordPress industry insights, like new plugin/theme updates, price updates, upcoming events, recent podcasts, firm acquisitions, interviews, and founders’ stories.

WPfoundes provides up-to-date news about the major WordPress companies, which keeps you a step ahead of many. Apart from new interviews and news, their newsletter also includes exclusive discounts on many major products. 

You just have to subscribe to their newsletter on the WPfounders.com site to get bi-weekly news directly in your inbox. 

Managed By: Ahsan Parwez

Frequency: Bi-weekly

To subscribe visit: https://wpfounders.com/newsletter/ 

2. The WP Weekly

A weekly newsletter that provides some important WordPress news and updates every week to keep their users on track. The WP Weekly ensures 10 minutes of reading time for their newsletter, in which they provide valuable news of that week. 

The WP Weekly usually provides valuable information to its subscribers, saving them plenty of time searching for information. They typically cover various topics like new features, plugins, resources, tips, tools, core updates, and even the latest community news.

It is one of the well-known newsletter publishers, providing the latest news directly in your inbox after you have subscribed. The WP Weekly is usually received on Monday mornings, making it a good way to start the week off.

Managed By: Davinder Singh

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://thewpweekly.com/ 

3. The WP Minute

Stay updated, enlightened, and amused by the crucial developments in the WordPress ecosystem by The WP Minute. This newsletter contains all the important trending news and topics that will take you just 5 minutes of reading time.

The WP Minute newsletter contains all the useful news and updates regarding WordPress and its market, like the latest updates, new plugins/themes, recent blogs, interviews, and much more. 

They also offer weekly podcasts with different famous personalities, providing some valuable insights into the WordPress industry for you to listen to conveniently by just subscribing to their newsletter.   

Managed by: Matt Meridios

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://thewpminute.com/subscribe/ 

4. The Repository

Get to know what‚Äôs happening in WordPress by The Repository. This newsletter goes in much more depth talking about the most important news of the week within the newsletter itself. 

The Repository is a weekly newsletter that provides important news in a short reading period with an audience of over 1000+.  All the news is hand-picked, gathered and written by Rae and is 0% AI-written, which also defines its authenticity. 

By subscribing to their newsletter, you can get all the latest updates in your inbox every week on Friday.

Managed By: Rae Morey

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://www.therepository.email/ 

5. WP Content.co

WP Content offers newsletters every week with all the new news, tutorials, Youtube videos and updates in the WordPress industry.. Their newsletter is a large compilation of the latest content published about WordPress by renowned WordPress companies around the web.

They include all the recent news regarding plugins/themes, updates, vulnerabilities, podcasts, blogs and much more. You can easily enjoy weekly updates and important news by simply subscribing to their newsletter. 

WP Content also publishes articles and podcasts to provide valuable information to its audience. This newsletter is among the best if you wish to read WordPress tutorials.     

Managed By: Jyolsna

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://wp-content.co/ 

6. Woo Weekly 

Woo Weekly is the ultimate newsletter for WooCommerce enthusiasts for the latest news and important updates directly into your inbox. If you are a WooCommerce store owner, developer or a WooCommerce product company, then you should be subscribed to this newsletter.

Their newsletter provides you with important news and winning strategies and tactics to turn website visitors into loyal customers. You also get insights into the latest WooCommerce trends, features, and plugins for optimizing your store. 

Woo Weekly provides all the key news for you to stay a step ahead of the market and keep your stores updated according to following trends. Get their newsletter every week on Wednesday in your inbox.  

Managed By: Rodolfo Melogli

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://wcwkly.com/ 

7. Post Status 

Post Status is one of the largest and most vibrant WordPress communities online, and it publishes its newsletter. Keep yourselves informed with the latest news, insights, and resources for WordPress professionals with the PostStatus weekly newsletter every Thursday.

PostStatus is a professional WordPress community platform where all WordPress enthusiasts engage with each other by sharing knowledge with each other. PostStatus issues a weekly newsletter containing all the legit news for their customers saving their valuable time and effort.

Their newsletter consists of all impactful updates from the WordPress community, including projects, plugins, themes, businesses, acquisitions, and events which a rich source of knowledge for many.

Managed By: Cory Miller

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://poststatus.com/newsletter/

8. Wpmail.me 

WPmail is a free weekly newsletter that delivers the latest news, trends, and insights straight to your inbox. It contains a large collection of latest blogs, tutorials and content published by famous WordPress bloggers around the web.

WPmail collects all the weekly news and updates from across the WordPress ecosystem, saving you time and ensuring you only get the most relevant and valuable information. You can get all the WordPress-related information, including themes, plugins, tutorials, news, and resources.

Get the weekly newsletter every Monday with all exciting news and articles in your inbox for free.

Managed By: Cristian Antohe

Frequency: Weekly

To subscribe visit: https://wpmail.me/ 

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